Discover the possibilities for the world's purest, most powerful and most abundant fuel


Hydrogen gas is the fuel of the future. 

We all use hydrogen in the form of hydro-carbons like gasoline, propane and natural gas to run our vehicles, homes and equipment.

Now, you can produce your own fuel, on-demand from the most readily available resource on earth, water.

The most common application for personal use is retrofitting a Personal Fission ReactorTM to a vehicle to create a water powered hybrid. This technology is also capable of running a vehicle solely on the hydrogen produced from water.

"Joules of energy from the wall outlet are far more sustainable than from the gas pump."
-Drew Paul, Founder

Our Home Fission ReactorTM is a perfect replacement for the high costs associated with propane and natural gas as well and is capable of fueling home appliances like range stoves, heaters, water heaters and more.

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How could your business benefit from Hydrogen super-fuel?

Because of the high energy density of hydrogen paired with its complete burn rate when in the presence of oxygen, the gas produced by our Fission ReactorsTM are capable of performing metalurgy tasks such as welding, brazing, annealing in less time and for a lower cost than any other fuel available.

"Tungsten lights up like a sparkler... Steel, lead and other metal slices on contact, yet... stays cool to the touch. "
-Craig Patrick, Fox News

When used for purposes such as hermetic sealing, glasswork or in nano-technology applications hydrogen performs more effectively with zero carbon contamination.

Food Processing
Metal Workers
Glass Workers
Automotive Technicians
Lab Technicians
& more

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The most common industrial applications of Hydrogen fuel include Electric Motor Cooling and Nitrogen Blanketing in power plants, Semi-conductor Manufacturing and Hydrogenation. In a laboratory setting hydrogen is commonly used for Gas Chromotography, Thermal Analysis and Content Analysis.

DR. FISSION™ Fission Reactors™ are capable of producing a solution of Hydrogen and Oxygen or pure Hydrogen depending on the application.

Applications also include remote and emergency fueling.

Pure, safe and powerful fuel is always available with a Personal Fission Reactor.™

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